SAOCOM 1B | Launch and Landing
Sped up footage from an onboard camera during Falcon 9’s launch of the SAOCOM 1B mission - SpaceX’s first launch to a polar orbit from the East Coast. After launching from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Falcon 9’s first stage returned to land at Landing Zone 1.

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    Ofentse Mwase Films

    If there was coffee at the Top, it wouldn't spill.

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    M Ahsan

    0:43 did anyone noticed?

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    What is that white object at 0:43???? Am I the only one that saw it?!!?!!?

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    Levi Grenier

    Nice cgi


    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk que absurdo

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      Shut up BR

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    We told ourselves, “ we’re never gonna use math past maybe some pre-algebra. “ Oh we were smart. Now we’re sitting in our cubicle that we were given with the promotion. To make more money for our employer. Money he gets to keep. If we had kept our faces in the books a little longer, we could be telling rockets, “ you get back here right now!” And our mouths 👄 would make that perfect 👌”O” when we said now. Try it. Look in the mirror. “You get back here right neoowww.” God I love it. Effin Chuck Norris.

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    - Velvet Crow -

    HOLY CRAP. That speed is unreal.

  • John

    Why is there a bird flying in 0:45

    • House Lannister
      House Lannister

      It's frozen liquid oxygen.

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    ranjita gupta

    Space X may create a portal to mars

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    ali ahmed mukhtar

    inside gaming


    so cool

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    Aguante Argentina

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    Clément Pholoppe

    So the rocket didn't really go to space like she stay on our atmosphere ? was thinking there were no sound on space. i'm neophyte

    • Clément Pholoppe
      Clément Pholoppe

      @epincion oh ok, i was thinking that every sound were erased due to the properties of " aspiration " .. not aspiration but that there were like trapped due to the " opposite forces " and so cant spread. or the sound is captured inside the rocket, not outside ?

    • epincion

      Sound transmitted through the structure of the rocket would still be 'heard' in space.

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    Олечка Сулагаева

    karol g

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    Rahul Patel

    1:35 what was that?

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    0:42 is that an astronaut

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    awesome awesome awesome. !

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    Tokyo Warfare

    0:43 alien photobomb

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    Das gesunde Zeugenmehr

    *If we erect a Parasol in front of Venus, after Centuries the Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Sulfuric acid will sink in the Craters due to the Coldness of Space.* *We can then enter the Planet like the Earth's moon and convert it into a Spaceship to other Stars,* *Because there we have almost the same Force of Gravity as on Earth.*

    • Das gesunde Zeugenmehr
      Das gesunde Zeugenmehr

      After about 100 years the temperature of Venus would drop to 31 degrees. At this temperature, known as the critical point of carbon dioxide, some of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would start to condense from gas to liquid and the low-lying areas of the surface of Venus would begin to be covered in seas and oceans of liquid carbon dioxide, in the same way that much of the Earth’s surface is covered by seas and oceans of water. As it condensed into liquid, the amount of carbon dioxide left in the atmosphere would start to fall and with it the atmospheric pressure. Eventually the temperature would drop to the freezing point of carbon dioxide (-57 degrees) and the seas, oceans and lakes of liquid carbon dioxide would begin to freeze. Much of the remaining carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would fall as snow. This entire cooling process would take hundreds of years from start to finish.

    • epincion

      after Centuries? more like a few billion years

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    Anybody dancing to that sick beat at 0:37?

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    Durvyn Sony Ramírez ii98ik l 0 ag ,

    43 segundo,que es eso un ave ? Que es?

    • House Lannister
      House Lannister

      Es oxígeno liquido congelado

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    George Hayward

    @1.15 did the booster look like it aimed for the same hole it punched through the clouds on the way up? Still amazes me.

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    Mikhael Einzel

    0:43 whats dat ting flying and dancin?

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    Sounds like my gas boiler on a cold morning.

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    Is like firework 😅😅😅

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    0:42 White was not the impostor...

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    Eso ni es real, es a escala

    • House Lannister
      House Lannister

      Es un vídeo real. Está acelerado. Puedes ver incluso el lanzamiento completo que duró 1 hora y algo.

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    Christian Salim

    What is this at right in 1:20?

    • House Lannister
      House Lannister

      It's frozen liquid oxygen.

  • Christian Salim
    Christian Salim

    What about the birds?

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    why the image change at 1:20? (look at the white cloud on the right)

    • House Lannister
      House Lannister

      Because it's not the original video.

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  • Insert Redletter Media Meme Here
    Insert Redletter Media Meme Here

    The only hope 2020 has given us; SpaceX. I actually cried watching this, because it is just so beautiful and amazing that humanity after how shitty we are can actually do something amazing as this. Maybe just fucking maybe we will make it to be a space faring race and get past capitalism (even though capitalism made this possible) and make it towards a brighter future where money and suffering will go away.

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    0:43 that weird white thing spinning at the back is human-shape, wow

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    Saocom deez nutz

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    0:45 what is that?

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    0:43 a glitch has been spotted

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      What glitch? Did you mean that chunk of ice?

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    Fantastic video.

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    looks like dog fell out of the engine at 0:40

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    Miles B

    So is this what Tom cruise will see as he goes up to space

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    Daniel Espee

    I like the sounds after touchdown. Quite the spectacle, always has been.

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    00:51 *"Is that the ISS flying like a bird???"*

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      @The Scanner Railfan how is it a fcking wooosh

    • The Scanner Railfan
      The Scanner Railfan

      @GalaxyEater r/whooosh

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      @Angad Singh i did ? how ?

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      Angad Singh

      GalaxyEater You misunderstood him

    • GalaxyEater

      ISS is much bigger than this rocket. That was just some ice from the rocket

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    nayeem uddin

    0:42 0:50 birds are flying in space???? Whaaaat!!!

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      nayeem uddin

      @Angad Singh thanks bro

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      Angad Singh

      That’s ice

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    0:50; I didn’t even know birds could fly at that altitude

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      Angad Singh

      @어나니머스 게이머 - Anonymous Gamer If you say so, because there are plenty of people actually thinking that was a bird

    • 어나니머스 게이머 - Anonymous Gamer
      어나니머스 게이머 - Anonymous Gamer

      @Angad Singh Its just a joke lol

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      Angad Singh

      I don't think that's a bird lol

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    0:43 el ave: loco mira un avión :v

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    Another series of defense satellites launched if anyone thinks 42000 satellites are for internet your deluded

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      Uhh how would these satellites defend.....

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      Where is your proof of that?


    always wanted to see this

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    I still love watching this.

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    0:43 ufo lol

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      Aleksanteri Suurnäkki

      @House Lannister no its totally an ufo i have no clue what ice is

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      House Lannister

      Ice lol.

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    i like this video

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    Hi ! is this your real page ? ... if the answer is YES then its ok...if NOT then you should have some serious concerns...please have a look, try to communicate, then decide for yourself. Take care.

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    space x should make the sea dragon

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    Awesome guide to the pad!!!

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    Hadley Scott McIntyre

    Can space x build a small rocket engine that uses jet fuel?

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    Я видел балерину потом лебедь 🤫

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    Allow him to work around f 35 in weekends. He'll have it ready by 3rd week.

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    Haven't we sent enough crap into space already!?

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    Just imagine, one day we will have daily flights to the moon. 10, 20, 50, 100 years from now, who knows when, but if humans continue to multiply and expand its only logical we will create cities on other bodies.

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    Oh my god that was so fast 💪

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    Wow that was a soft landing

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    I am waiting for moon stay house expected 2023 I like u r team work

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    Jesus Christ loves you and we do too. After you watch this check out our latest video: War in Heaven? VENUS Passes ASTEROID LUCIFER on 9/28 + TWO MOONS COMING TRUE + HARVEST Moon

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      Shut up

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    It's those birds??

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    love the sounds

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    Starlink top stage rockets fall to earth and are lost. As they are in space could they not be nudged to fly to Mars where their crashed remains could be used as building material?

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      Angad Singh


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    Красиво, приятно смотреть.

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    I sorta miss the flat earthers... They never seem to come around these parts now.

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      Yeah, I'm really wondering what they're all doing these days.

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    0:41 for a second I thought someone fell from the rocket. 😂 😂 😂

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    When Mars? I hurt to wait

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    Allah belanı vermesin

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    can we get to the mars? a want to go to the mars until i die ㅜ.ㅜ but i can't study freeeeking well

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    Why is there a bird in the middle of the atmosphere

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    Chanakya Kharode

    Skyroot coming soon

  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

    Skyroot coming soon

  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

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  • Chanakya Kharode
    Chanakya Kharode

    Skyroot is coming soon